Broadly, I teach and do research in rhetoric and social justice, critical race studies/anti-racism efforts, social and cultural approaches to emerging technology, religious rhetoric, participatory ethnographic research/documentary methods, research ethics, and rhetorical theory.

Will Penman presenting a 3 minute version of his thesis

My dissertation is at the intersection of activism and rhetorical new materialism, examining how white people’s anti-racist efforts involve responding to others, a contrast to rhetoric’s traditional focus on persuading others. It is an ethnographic study of “aspirational rhetoric” in a context in which white people are choosing to work against racism but discovering the difficulties of doing so.

Just published in Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric - How people make sense of Trump and why it matters for racial justice. I also have a forthcoming article in Quarterly Journal of Speech, based on part of my dissertation. I've also published two book reviews.

I've presented papers at RSA, NCA, CCCC, and other conferences.

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