This part of the website is for projects that are disconnected from my academic duties and stances.

A set of computationally assisted art projects.

Irregularly published blog entries about artificial intelligence techniques, Christianity, and whiteness.

I used to be a professional juggler. This page shows some of my old pictures and videos.

Icons, traditionally used in the Orthodox Christian tradition, are an aid to prayer. I've begun to create icons because they help me add a kind of visual theology to my prayer.

Justice 4 All

In the spring of 2017, I researched, wrote, filmed, and edited videos for a YouTube channel "Justice 4 All." It was designed to inform and encourage activists of all experience levels. Each video looked at a resistance movement in US history and identified four tips for resisting injustice today. I did videos on the Underground Railroad, the West Virginia coal mine wars, academic resistance to McCarthyism, resistance to the NSA, Cesar Chavez and the fight for workers rights, and people who tried to sustain Reconstruction after the Civil War.