I used to be a professional juggler. This page is a bit of an archive of my juggling contributions.

Juggling torches

c. 2010

Atlanta Groundhogs Day Juggling Festival Winner

In 2009, I was awarded "Most Marvelous" at the annual Atlanta Groundhogs Day Juggling Festival. Watch a video of my 5-min performance. I was really happy with this routine and how it turned out.


c. 2009. One of my most popular juggling videos on YouTube is a short tutorial explaining how to take Rubenstein's Revenge, a popular complicated 3b trick, and expand it to 4b.

Performing in Belize

c. 2009

Performing in China

c. 2008

Board of Directors for the IJA

c. 2006-2008

2006, pg2 of article. (The writer didn't distinguish between the regular unicycle and my tall "giraffe" unicycle, a key difference for understanding how I would run into a stop sign.)

Balancing an ironing board on my chin

c. 2006. Just kind of a fun trick.

Hurricane Series

In 2004, I created a set of 21 original 3-ball and 4-ball tricks.