Hi! I’m a scholar at Princeton who addresses issues of public concern around race and technology in ways that draw people in and make a significant social impact.

Closeup of Will Penman

I’m a Lecturer at Princeton in the Princeton Writing Program. I earned my PhD in Rhetoric in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University. Now, I live in Philadelphia and commute to Princeton. If you’re in the area, I’d love to get together. In the Research tab, I have links to my published and ongoing research projects on rhetoric, race, and technology. The Teaching tab describes some of the innovations I’ve made in teaching students first-year composition and professional writing, and hosts students’ digital work. A CV is available for a summary of my academic work. Finally, the Other tab has a variety of non-academic projects, from a blog to past hobbies, to activist work. You can contact me at wpenman@princeton.edu.


In Spring 2019 I'm lying low after a busy fall. I'm continuing to teach research writing under the theme "Living with AI" at Princeton. In terms of conferences, I'm presenting at CCCC in March as part of the panel "Disrupting Rhetorics: Bringing People Together for Socially Just Literate Action," and I'm looking ahead to the RSA Project this summer. In my research, I'm working on a video-based article for Kairos that applies my ideas about race to a long-standing scholarly interest in AI: #SirisIdentity.


In 2018 I finished my dissertation and saw two articles reach publication. The first, written with Doug Cloud, was "How People Make Sense of Trump and Why it Matters for Racial Justice". It analyzes two years of media coverage of Trump during his campaign and early Presidency. The second publication, in Quarterly Journal of Speech, was "A Field-Based Rhetorical Critique of Ethical Accountability". This was more theoretical, dealing with interdependence, research ethics, and race.